Emergency Relief


To receive emergency assistance, people need to live in Canterbury-Bankstown. 

A referral from Centrelink is NOT required.

What we assist with

Chester Hill Neighbourhood Centre assist with Energy Accounts Payment Assistance vouchers (EAPA), electricity and gas bills, Sydney water bills, Telstra phone bills and food voucher as well as food hampers when available.


There are obligations from both client and the Centre associated with providing assistance.

People seeking assistance must provide information that, to the best of their knowledge, is truthful and accurate. This includes information about income and spending and they need to be able to provide receipts, bills and other documents. In addition they must not be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (legal or otherwise) and should not display aggression or violence towards staff or other people at the centre.

In return the Neighbourhood Centre undertakes within the requirements of the law to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all discussions and to treat all clients with respect and dignity. Furthermore the Centre respects the right of clients to make complaints to higher authorities about anything that they regard as unfair or discourteous.