CHNC OOSH Philosophy

Service Philosophy

At Chester Hill Neighbourhood Centre Outside School Hours Care our philosophy reinforces everything we do from interactions with children, to families and finally the overall community. Our services pride itself on providing a safe, respectful, enriching and culturally diverse environment for our children. We believe in children’s capability to flourish as well as their capacity to succeed. Our services delivers curriculum and programs that challenges the mind, builds curiosity as well as the want to learn of our children. We as educators understand that families, schools and the environment are all influential teachers for our children. Families and schools are encouraged to be willfully involved in our curriculum, programs as well as social events. Our curriculum consists of child-centered activities, culturally diverse activities to aid in teaching children to respect and value their differences and teaching strategies to enhance their schooling. Our programs reflect the National Quality Framework, and The Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations. Our educators are well informed, certified and experienced, we believe in the role of our educators teaching children in our services respect, for themselves, each other, their environment and their cultural differences. Outside School Hours Care should be exciting and surrounded by new experiences. If the children are having fun than we are too.